What we do – why we are different

Having worked in Enterprise businesses, and seen them get all the benefits of moving to the cloud, the gap between small/medium business and Enterprise is growing and that is not fair. We founded YouCloudIT with a fundamental belief that these benefits should be available to all businesses.

We focus only on small and medium businesses, helping them to stay relevant and thrive in the digital future.

We do the following:


  • Demystify the complexity of the cloud, do all the legwork on behalf of our customers and help themĀ GET THE ACTUAL BENEFITS of cloud technology
  • ProvideĀ cloud-based solutions for Small & Medium businesses to help them thrive and stay relevant in the digital future
  • Help customers be data secure by protecting their website(s), their customer data and their business users
  • Keep things simple and speak in plain English

We want to understand your business issues and aspirations: your ‘wish list’. We then help you achieve it quickly using the cloud.

We are an ethics driven business who is proud to do the right things for our customers, support local charity and champion #OceanPlastics