Taking cybersecurity seriously keeps you one step ahead of the competition.

Landing new sales and keeping costs down are two of the most common challenges faced by businesses. Anything that stops you getting new sales or makes you spend more is your enemy and should be fought with all your might.

Plenty of IT security companies hit you with baffling tech lingo, followed by a big bill. You need to find a provider that you understand and trust.

At YouCloudIT, we speak in plain English. We work with customers who want to make their lives easier and want peace of mind.  They want to know that their IT is working for them and their business is safe and secure but are just not sure where to start. We listen to their business needs and help them using the latest technology.

Easy, right? The problem is getting people to join the fight and try new methods. But the world is constantly progressing, and your competitors are working smarter, so if you want to win and survive you need to adapt.

Under attack

Nearly half (43%) of UK SMEs were attacked by Cybercrime in the year to April 2018. The most common types of attack occur against any part of your business that faces the internet.

Viruses and Malware are often found on computers or servers, and attack you from the inside.

Some of your biggest risks are your staff who may open emails, click on links and download things they shouldn’t. Your website is another target.

These attacks affect all businesses and it’s only a matter of time before they affect yours. Criminal cyber activity is indiscriminate, so don’t allow yourself to think that it won’t happen to you – the chances are, it already has.

Proper precautions

Relying on the free protection provided with your website, it’s like protecting your home with only locks on the windows – helpful, but nowhere near as effective as you’d like. You should keep the thieves away from your house altogether, not have them at your windows with a crowbar.

In addition to locks on your doors and windows, you need an alarm and a wall around your property. In the same way, your website should be protected by a web application firewall to keep the criminals well away from your web server.


There are some simple but critical steps you should take as a minimum:

  1. Protect your website. Properly.
  2. Ensure your computers always have the latest security updates.
  3. Make sure you have an always-on antivirus that is scanning new files.
  4. Carry out regular vulnerability scans and fix any issues you find.


Company culture

Your team also needs to be trained on what to look for. Some scams aren’t easy to spot and it’s common for people to be duped.

There are other less visible ways that IT solutions can help and contribute to the culture of your business. Embracing the available technology means you no longer need to travel for a 30-minute meeting – you can join from your laptop. You can access your files securely from anywhere, allowing you to work more efficiently.

Offering an agile working environment allows your business to appeal to a wider talent pool for employees, supporting a healthier work-life blend.


Stay secure

Make your business secure and use us to get one step ahead of your competition. Most businesses don’t know there is a better way to work. We will show you how. Our enterprise experience and solutions are tailored to a SME budget so you pay a manageable monthly subscription that helps keep your costs down.

There is a better way

by Mark Wiseman time to read: 5 min