After 20 years in Telecoms across mobile, data, consumer and B2B I’ve had a wonderful time and worked with some inspirational people…I’ve also seen a large amount of change, as you can imagine. One of the most fundamental changes is happening right now. It is the move to the cloud.

Cloud technology is relatively new in the great grand scheme of things and up until now has been the playground of enterprise business. Small and medium sized businesses have typically found the whole cloud landscape too confusing…and it’s hardly surprising with literally tens of thousands of apps out there with each one having many variations. How on Earth are you supposed to know what to use, how to install it and how to get the benefit??

As a result, enterprise businesses that have IT departments, dedicated budgets and project teams are able to focus on successfully making the transition. This means the gap between big business and small/medium business is growing and that just isn’t fair.

We set up YouCloudIT [yoo kloud it] to do something about that. We set up YouCloudIT to help small and medium sized businesses get those same benefits and close the gap. We set up YouCloudIT with the passionate belief that everyone should be included in the digital future.

To stay relevant in this digital future, businesses need to manage costs, be mobile, develop and deliver new products quickly, attract the best talent and critically…be data secure. Using the best and latest cloud tools will enable that.

Our purpose is to demystify the complexity of the cloud, do the legwork on behalf of our small and medium sized customers and help them GET THE ACTUAL BENEFITS of the technology, not just buy products. We have plain English conversations about real business issues and business aspirations – the customer wish list. Once we understand that businesses vision, we help them achieve it quickly using cloud technology.

It has been an amazing start! To work together with a customer and see them flourish, get more time in their day and be more productive is great. We have a real relationship with them and will work with them as they grow.

So…the ‘why’ for us is about being a business that helps small and medium sized business flourish and grow. We believe that focussing on making sure our customers get the benefits of cloud is what will help our customers succeed and us stay relevant too.

Start with Why – Long Live SMB

by Mark Wiseman time to read: 2 min