CyberView Pro


CyberView Pro provides a comprehensive summary and insights into all of your computers and software. Four key areas are covered;

  • Identifies what computers and software you have
  • Windows license identification
  • Computer health summary
  • Detailed Cyber Security Assessment against the Government’s Cyber Essentials

CyberView Pro provides a great way of gaining insight into your business computers. Not only do you get a complete inventory of assets which can be useful in the event of something happening to them – but you also get a complete breakdown of software that has been installed along with Windows licenses that have been used.

CyberView Pro also includes the Cyber Security Assessment to help you assess risk against the Government’s Cyber Security Essentials to check;

  • Antivirus
  • Patching
  • User security
  • Wireless security

All of this is provided through a set of easy to understand PDF reports which are issued within 24 hours.

What used to take days of pulling together or using costly and complex software has now been taken care of in one solution.

Supported platforms