Computer Protection

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All the essential antivirus protection you need, combined with powerful data securing capabilities:

  • Anti-virus and Anti-malware
  • Anti-spam for Microsoft Outlook
  • Desktop Firewall
  • Wifi Inspector
  • Real Site
  • Data Shredder

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Intelligent Anti-virus and Anti-malware

Avast Anti-virus combines four real-time shields; File Shield, Web Shield, Email Shield and Behavioural Shield to offer comprehensive protection against today’s Threats.

File Shield

Stops threats and keep your business moving. File shield quickly scans files that are launched on your computer to ensure they’re free of malware.

Web Shield

Web Shield scans both HTTP and HTTPS sites for malware and other dangers, even verifies web certificates, without disrupting your browser experience.

Behaviour Shield

Provides real-time monitoring of all programs currently on your computer. If it notices behaviour of the ordinary (e.g a PDF trying to access a web link) it blocks the action and reports the behaviour to the user.


Keep hackers on the other side of the wall with this essential security feature that monitors and controls what goes in and out of your computer.

Real Site

Protect yourself from hackers who attempt to hijack your DNS (Domain Name System) settings, redirect you to fake sites and steal your banking details.

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