The film starring the late John Candy was, depending on your film taste, funny. The current rail situation in the north, for those that use it, is anything but.

In order to introduce new train services and cope with demand for the future, the biggest timetable shakeup took place in May. The magnitude of this has probably not been given enough detail and it is clearly no easy feat. We were expecting to see an impact but I don’t believe that the impact that has been felt but the commuter is one they were expecting to have to deal with.

Over the last couple of weeks, the news has been filled with commuters stood on platforms with trains not appearing when they should, full when they do appear or simply cancelled. Several routes have been impacted extremely badly and this will clearly be hitting both those individuals struggling to get to work and the businesses they work for – of which, some of these could be small businesses that are really impacted in the bank by the disruption. As if matters couldn’t get worse, we then have rail strikes thrown into the mix.

For small businesses, this type of disruption can be crippling. The lives of the staff are also not great. I particularly remember one of the interviews on the news was with an individual who had only just started their new role and on day 3 they had been late twice and was going to be late again. Not a great start and you could clearly see the worry and stress as the story was being given.

Many enterprise and big businesses will have some form of capability in place to provide the ability for staff to work remotely and not have to worry about an impact like this. For many small and medium-sized businesses, this may not be the case.

Here at YouCloudIT, we believe that we can help keep your business running even while the trains may not be. We can help keep your business working even if your staff cannot physically get to your office. If you’d like us to help provide your business with different ways to work then please get in touch.

Pains, trains and not using the automobiles

by Dean Baldwin time to read: 2 min