Day 9

Website Woes

What would you do if the public face of your business – your website – was no longer visible to the outside world? Today, our victim is going through this exact situation.

Unknown to her, she is the victim of a distributed denial of service attack. This is where multiple computers or devices (for example, a botnet) are flooding her website with traffic – too much for it to handle.

The result of this is that she is about to lose at least a day of business and trading until the traffic stops.


I am not a target

The reality is that anybody could be a victim if you have a website or public presence


Customer trust could be damaged

Your customers could be concerned as there is a risk that you can’t protect their personal data


My web host has free website protection

Having something is good but where your protection is located is as important as the level of protection it provides

If you have a website then you should be doing something to protect it. Would you even know if somebody was attempting to exploit your website?

Is your website protected from these attacks?