Day 8

Distributed Denials

R3d M157 has really been getting up to no good. Over the last few days he’s been deleting data, encrypting data and even stealing data. He started this journey with very few skills but after making use of tools and services available on the Internet, he’s become quite adept.

His poor victims have been suffering though as they had no protection and had not educated their users on keeping safe.

With his income rising (thanks to his ransoms) he has decided to continue with wreaking havoc.


Today he is going to make use of a Distributed Denial of Service attack on a target’s website. Again, he has not had to do very much as these types of attack can be purchased online.

Using a distributed nature make this type of attack really difficult to stop but can very quickly generate traffic against your target. The devices involved in these types of attack have usually been compromised using malware and the owners of these devices are probably unaware they are even involved.

He has picked his target, configured the service and prepared to release the ‘bots’.