Day 7

Is somebody stealing your data?

USB flash drives. An easy way to move data from one computer to another. It also has its own security issues too. R3d M157 has discovered this and has created some USB flash drives with malware ready to install and steal data as well as keystroke logging applications as well as providing remote access to the user’s computer without their knowledge.

He has scattered a few USB flash drives around an office car park in the hope that somebody will pick it up and pop it into their computer…


Would you plug an unknown USB flash drive into your computer?

Around 48% of people who find a USB flash drive will plug it into their computer


How many?

In March 2018, researchers found 29 ways a USB flash drive could compromise users’ computers


It isn't as easy to do this with the latest windows, right?

This depends on too many factors to simply say “correct”

Would you be protected against this?