Day 4

Ransomware as a what..?

…service. Ransomware is nothing new in the cyber world. But, with the rise of websites providing an easy way to create these attacks, it is becoming an extremely easy way for people to launch a cyber-extortion business.

With little technical knowledge, you can make use of a simple profit sharing model with the author of the ransomware.


What protection do you have in place

Almost 75% of businesses targeted by ransomware don’t have proper security measures in place to avoid infection


You don't always get your data back

1 in 5 small to medium businesses paid the ransom and never got their data back


25 hours of downtime

1 in 6 organisations have experienced more than 25 hours of downtime after an attack

How well are you protected against ransomware?


Tomorrow we will find out whether R3d M157 is successful in his attack.