Day 11

Who am I?

R3d M157 has been busy since gaining access to Chewie’s accounts. He has decided to do things on the quiet and gain access to existing accounts as well as setting up new accounts on behalf of Chewie.

Although many websites add additional layers of security, there are some that don’t. This gives R3d M157 even more access to personal information which. Combine this with other items he already had access to, it’s allowing R3d M157 to take over Chewie’s identity.

It’s difficult to know what information a cyber criminal like R3d M157 may have on you. Many large corporate websites have had data taken such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Think about what information these two hold on you alone – Chewie was on both of these. With other information now being used, it really doesn’t take R3d M157 very long to build a clear picture about Chewie and, ultimately, start to gain access to many services he uses.

Fortunately, R3d M157’s crimes are being tracked and whilst he believes he has been covering his tracks, he has also left some tiny breadcrumbs behind and these are being followed…