Let’s talk about the Trojan Horse. Scholars debate about the truth behind the myth but the principle of the story is pretty straightforward. The Greeks wanted to get inside the City of Troy. With large impenetrable walls and no heavy machinery to speak of, the Greeks came up with a cunning plan. The Greeks offered a giant wooden horse to the Trojans. Hidden inside, however, were Greek soldiers who lay in wait. Once the horse was inside the city walls they would wait until nightfall before springing their surprise and simply open the gates. This was clearly a bit of a surprise to the Trojans and the rest, as they say, is debated history.

Let’s fast forward a few thousand years to modern times and you will find that things may not have actually changed so much…

The term Trojan Horse is used to describe one of the techniques used today by those wanting to get inside your business. Hiding something that can cause harm inside an item that doesn’t seem so bad at all. Funny pictures or videos of cats and what about those funny memes you see floating around. This is one of many techniques that can be used to gain access to your sensitive information.

The digital world is an amazing one. It’s full of information that we wouldn’t ordinarily be able to get access to easily. We can now communicate with people from around the world instantly. Borders become non-existent. It gives us the ability to promote ourselves in ways that we’ve never even thought of that many years ago. As with anything, there are the few that also move within this environment who are there to do harm.

Your website, for example, is the window into your world. It’s a great place to share what your company does. But it is also something that can be seen as a target for those not wanting to play nicely in the digital world. Would you know how many people are trying to open that window to get inside the content on your web server. What information would you have on there that somebody could make use of to gain access to other items. Perhaps they just want to do a bit of “brandalism”. These type of attack is more common that you might think and tends to go on silently.

Over the last 12 months there have been many large corporations that have been impacted by this approach. These companies have (hopefully) taken steps to help prevent types of attacks happening.

Here at YouCloudIT we have several technologies that we can deploy to help you become secure in the digital world. Our website protection service, for example, is a great way to protect your website and is quick and simply to deploy without the need for you to make changes to your website to make use of it. We also provide various levels of protection for your other devices too.

I am not simply suggesting that this is the only thing you should do. Security needs to encompass many areas of a business. However, this protection is certainly an excellent step in the right direction to keep Trojan Horses to Greek mythology.

Deceptive horses and the city of Troy

by Dean Baldwin time to read: 3 min