CyberView - a comprehensive summary of your computers and software

A comprehensive summary of all your computers, software and hardware without the need to run around to get the information.

CyberView can help with this and more.

What's running in your business?

Desktops, Laptops, Windows, Macs… What software is installed and which versions… What hardware is installed on the various computers you have? All of this can be challenging to keep on top of at the best of times when you have kept track. Obtaining this information can be a nightmare if you haven’t done it before. It’s certainly time-consuming and you probably have better things to be getting on with.

Here at YouCloudIT we can give you a helping hand and provide you with a comprehensive set of reports on pretty much everything about your computers.

Computer and software audits can be time-consuming. The good news is that we can help you.


Product Features

Hardware identification

A comprehensive breakdown telling you everything you need to know about your computers.

Software report

Do you know what software you’ve installed? We’ll help you find out.

OS Licenses

Make sure you have got the correct OS license installed on your computers.

Cyber Essentials check

How well are you performing against the Cyber Essentials? Get a full report to help you understand.

PDF Reports

All information gathered is presented in comprehensive reports straight to your inbox.

Are you Cyber Secure?

The Cyber Essentials is a great way of determining if you are doing the basics to help you keep your computers and business safe.

We can help you to understand this. CyberView checks four key areas; Antivirus, patching, user and network security. We then provide a site score for you – something we call your CyberRisk Score.

As a Cyber Essentials Certified company, YouCloudIT can help your business to be safe and secure in the digital world.

*Windows computers only

Which version is right for me?