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YouCloudIT provides all the essential antivirus protection you need, combined with powerful data securing capabilities.

Stay ahead of the game with insight gathered from 400 million users.

Are you a bot?

Could you be unknowingly adding to the global issue of botnets (a computer being controlled without the owners’ knowledge) and having your computer used to perform denial-of-service attacks?

Essential Antivirus Protection

Our Antivirus solution combines four real-time shields to protect you and your business; File Shield, Web Shield, Email Shield and Behavioural Shield to offer comprehensive protection against today’s threats.

Number of computers infected with WannaCry in 2017

Additional Data Protection

Deleted files are easy to recover. Make sure your confidential documents containing financial information or customer and employee data are destroyed forever.

Your business can’t afford to stay defenceless

In 2016 almost half of all ransomware attacks on businesses targeted employee, customer and financial data. Protect your computers, with our Antivirus and Anti-malware protection.

With over 4,000 attacks a day, it’s only a matter of time until your business becomes a target. Fight back with the best — CyberGuard, powered by Avast Business Antivirus, offers exceptional protection with a 100% malware detection rate.

Product Features


Award-winning antivirus. Everything your business needs to protect itself in one package.

Real Site

Stop malware from redirecting you to sites that are fake versions of the real thing.



Protect your computer with this advanced desktop firewall.

EMail Shield

Work in confidence. Keep your inbox free of malware.


Behavior shield

Real-time monitoring of programs to make sure any out-of-the-ordinary behaviour is blocked.


Monthly reporting straight into your mailbox.

Light on resources, heavy on threats

The best antivirus should work as hard as you do. Avast performs lightning-fast analysis of unknown files in the Cloud, for a lightweight solution that won’t slow down your employees or your business.

Malware volumes are high

The risk of cyber threats to your business is high and not showing any real signs of slowing down. No protection is putting your business at risk.

Source: AV-Test Institue

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