A fully featured business phone system...in the cloud

All your calls, numbers and features, all in powerful desktop and mobile apps.

Work better, together

Create shared numbers that everybody can answer calls on.

A clutter free desk

No need for desk phones, use our desktop apps with modern headsets.

Complete, instant flexibility

Manage your team, add numbers and control your preferences.

Why CloudTalk?

  • No legacy desk phones, switches and lines
  • Completely self-service
  • No complex installation 
  • All the features you expect
  • A truly anywhere solution

All-Inclusive calling for £15 per month

CloudTalk provides an all-inclusive voice solution in the cloud

Simple. Better.

Traditional business phone systems come with lots of costs – setup fees, service plans, line rentals, contracts, and lots of hassle – service calls, installation, call centres, clunky hardware. CloudTalk puts an end to the nonsense, giving you more time to focus on the stuff that matters.


You could save this much per month

Unlimited UK Calls

Call any UK landline and mobile number free of charge with your subscription, so there’s no need to keep an eye on call charges.

A modern office on the move

The freedom and flexibility that CloudTalk offers make it easier for you to be more productive wherever and whenever you like. Users can seamlessly switch between desktop and mobile apps, as well as their UK 01, 02, 03 and 07 numbers, so they remain available, regardless of where they’re working.

Plus, if you need to manage your calls and call settings, you can do so from within the apps. With high audio quality and an intuitive interface, CloudTalk makes business on the move easier than ever before.

Collaborate lots

Modern businesses tend to work flexibly and on the move. Traditional phone systems are just not designed to cope effectively with this, but CloudTalk is different.

Easily set up shared numbers for your teams and transfer calls within your business seamlessly. We even throw in a free conference call number for you to use.

Save Money

We all want to save money. Old phone systems have lots of baggage. Setup fees, service plans and hardware. CloudTalk puts an end to all of that nonsense with simple pricing, no hidden fees and less administration time.

CloudTalk gives you everything you need in an easy to use interface, which you don’t need a degree in astrophysics to operate.

It helps you to sell more

CloudTalk keeps your business brand at the height of professionalism. Choose from 640+ UK geographic locations so you can easily connect with a potential customer.

Do you want a better phone system?

With CloudTalk, Cloud Telephony is just a couple of clicks away