Case Study

Local financial company goes digital to transform its business.


Customer Name:
Get Claims Advice
Date: Mar 2018
Solutions Deployed: Microsoft 365, WebSafe
Industry: Financial
Organisation Size: 0 – 50
Based in Bolton, Get Claims Advice are leading specialists in mis-sold pensions and SIPP.

They have a dedicated team of experienced claims handlers who have managed to claim back over £38m for their clients.

With a focus on their customer experience, the process is handled by the same case handler from start to finish to ensure they understand you and knows your case inside and out.

Office 365 was in use but only being used for the apps.

Having Office 365 in place should have helped but the solution had originally been delivered but not configured. In the end, it was causing more issues that it was solving.

Other challenges were also raised:

Mismatched computer configurations

Need to enhance overall security

Lack of OS updates

Wasting time duplicating effort


Lack of policy enforcement

New starter process is poor

The challenge was a simple one. Office 365 had previously been deployed in the hope that it would help to get things done. With a team of case handlers working away, the ability to work on information quickly and easily was important. Cases can take time and this means that documentation and information gathered can grow,

There was also a need to increase and improve their digital security with GDPR around the corner and the regulatory obligations they were working within.

We took our standard approach to first understand what the goal was. It was clear that Office 365 was not working and we needed to change this. In this highly competitive field, we needed to give their team the ability to work differently.

Security rang through loud and clear but it was also important that they not only stay compliant but do this in a better way than some of the manual steps that were in place.

Our proposed solution was to deploy Microsoft 365 to provide a complete security wrap, improved user management and better control of data protection.

Sharepoint was configured to give their team the ability to work better and smarter – no more sending of files around.

We deployed WebSafe to protect their Website.

Everything was amazing..!

Better security, less risk

Working in a highly regulated industry provides lots of challenges for companies. Making sure your data is secure is no easy task and can provide many a sleepless night.

Microsoft 365 was the easy choice in this situation. Not only did it provide the ability to deliver reactive remote working during bad weather or rail strikes, they could also ensure that customer data was kept safe and encrypted.

“We simply cannot afford to lose data, ” the CIO explained. “We have to regularly demonstrate that we take care of our customers’ data. It’s just not good enough to say you do, you must demonstrate it.” He went on to add, “since the deployment of Microsoft 365 I just don’t worry about whether our data is secure or who has access to it. We can control that quickly and simply now.”

Working from home was not really an option before. Whist it isn’t something performed on a regular basis, it is something that is enabled when needed.

New starters, no hassle

As the business continues to grow, it was important to get staff in quickly and get them working as soon as possible. This not only causes impact to the business but also caused new starters to leave quickly.

“This used to be a major challenge for us. Getting everything set up and configured used to take so long, ” the CIO reports. “It’s not really the best introduction to a company when things don’t work.” He went on to say, “now every computer is set up the same it’s much easier for our teams to work. Our I.T. support requirements have also dropped dramatically as everything just keeps itself up-to-date.”

According to the CIO, they can now quickly deploy and configure a new user with zero effort. “Knowing that the everything is installed and ready to go out of the box is even better, ” he says.

The easy deployment of Office 365 ensures that they could get a new member of the team up-and-running quickly and easily.


Increase In Productivty


Increase IN Sales


Decrease in Meetings


Decrease in Emails

“We needed a company who could help solve our challenge. Based on our selection criteria, we found that YouCloudIT were able to meet the challenge.”

Bilbo Baggins

MD, Get Claims Advice

Knock, knock. Who’s there?

Protection of the Website was also important to protect brand identity and contact information that was captured before being moved into the CRM. The deployment of WebSafe was quick, simple and started to protect the website immediately.

It was incredibly important that the solution worked with existing technologies and didn’t impact their search engine rankings. The development team were concerned about caching getting in the way of their work too. This was quickly put to bed and WebSafe was soon trusted. The development team have now deployed WebSafe across all of the websites and promotional sites that are in use.

Visible results

“We were surprised just what was going on with the website,” the CIO commented. “The first report we received showed us just how many people were trying to do things to our server without our knowledge, ” he said.

WebSafe’s reporting provided valuable insight into what was going on with the server that their web server logs simply didn’t show them.

Looking ahead

With its core components in place, Get Claims Advice is now looking to deploy further components of the Office 365 suite. An overhaul of their internal network and CRM are the next steps to ensure cloud computing is embraced and the user experience isn’t impacted by old infrastructure.

“Everyone is excited about little things like Skype and Teams,” says the CIO. “We know bigger businesses have been using this for some time but we can also see the benefits of using this ourselves.”

“We’ve had some longstanding problems that, despite our best efforts, we couldn’t resolve, ” he notes. “But with, YouCloudIT we have a trusted partner that we have worked with and the problems have been completely resolved.”

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